Halien Echtheliel

Daughter of Feredir, warden of Mirkwood. She has joined a fellowship of companions who are drawn together in a time of great shadow to do their part to keep the darkness at bay.

Baralindir i Bain

Faithful bannerman of Oropher and Halien's elder brother. Fair and just, he adored his sister and did everything he could to protect her from the actions of evil men.

Feredir Amathron

Loyal guard until the end. Faithful to Thingol and Dior, Halien's father perished at the hands of the Sons of Feanor as his home fell to ruin around him.

Malfinnien i Neithan

Widow of the Second Kinslaying. She has lost both husband and son to the actions of evil men, staying strong for her daughter, even when it all seems hopeless.

Narn i Nos Echmallen

A timeline of the history of the family.